Dr. Todd CarnucciDr. Todd Carnucci, DC
Founder, Clinical Director, CEO

As clinical director at Westfield Health & Rehabilitation, Dr. Todd Carnucci stands at the helm of our progressive, integrated rehabilitation facility which combines the latest techniques and technologies to optimally treat each patient.

Best Westfield Alternative Healthcare Center


Our chiropractic team is led by Dr. Todd Carnucci, renowned chiropractor in Union County. We take great pride in helping treat a wide range of conditions of chronic pain, muscle soreness and stiffness, sports-related injuries, and everything in between.  Our Westfield chiropractic center specializes in the use of progressive, integrated rehabilitation to help patients achieve greater health and wellness.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Our Westfield nurse practitioner can provide the advanced wellness technologies that takes your health to the next level. Alternative healthcare uses natural therapies to improve health and we offer the latest in regenerative medicine to manage pain and restore function. Looking to boost your immune system, fight fatigue, or counter the effects of aging on the body? IV therapy (nutrient infusion therapy) is an option to consider.

Physical Therapy

The best Westfield physical therapist is here to help you! We are experienced in working with a wide range of conditions to manage pain, restore function, and build strength. Our center offers the latest of technology offerings for success and our staff offers the most compassionate care.  The appropriate course of treatment is unique to the individual and your best results is our mission.


Our acupuncturist helps patients heal naturally, restore energetic balance, and achieve optimal health. Focusing on integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology with standard therapies in order to help patients achieve pain relief and wellness. Acupuncture is able to treat many areas of pain such as arthritis, injury, fibromyalgia, neuralgia, migraines and headaches as well as disorders and imbalances in the body including diabetes, insomnia, obesity, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, acne, PMS and infertility. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can treat so much more than just pain.

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