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Stop Smoking Clinic in Westfield, NJMost people associate acupuncture with pain relief or relaxation, however, acupuncture can actually be used to help people to quit smoking! There are specific acupuncture points located near the wrist that can be targeted to effectively reduce cigarette cravings by actually changing the way cigarettes taste to the person. This acupuncture point is known as “Tim Mee” and is very powerful.

Acupuncture can also help people to quit smoking in a number of other ways such as reducing cravings, stopping jitters associate with withdrawl and aiding in cleansing the body.

Studies have proven the beneficial effect acupuncture can have on those looking to quit smoking. Specifically, one study assessed more than 800 patients trying to quit smoking and found that acupuncture and hypnotherapy were effective means of smoking cessation.

Acupuncture has powerful benefits that help people to kick the habit of smoking

One of the most powerful benefits of an acupuncture session is the way it calms your mind and eases anxiety. People often smoke to mask feelings they don’t wish to feel or face. Acupuncture helps to safely move these feelings out of the body. People comment that they have more restful sleep, fall asleep easier and sleep longer after acupuncture.

Finally, acupuncture helps to physically remove tar and nicotine residue from the body. This allows the lungs to feel lighter, the voice less gravely, helps stop coughing and improves digestion. There are helpful herbal formulas that your acupuncturist can prescribe for helping heal the lungs and refrain from smoking. One formula that all smokers, ex-smokers and those working on quitting should take is called ‘Yang Yin Qing Fei’. This formula is a perfect balance of herbs to clear out the lungs and stop coughing while moistening the dryness of the lungs and sore throats that many smokers experience.

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