Ultralign from Sigma
Computerized Adjusting Instrument

Low force adjusting technology with real time computer feedback

Ultralign adjustment is gentle & precise

The Ultralign is a computer assisted adjusting device from Sigma Instruments that is designed specifically to assess and gently treat joints and tissues. Sigma Instruments created Ultralign by using technology developed by NASA for space using computer and engineering technologies. Ultralign utilizes technologies to evaluate even very small spinal motion abnormalities.

Ultralign puts fear of manual adjustment to rest

So, how does it work? The handheld device sends a gentle signal into the vertebrae. The signal is reflected back and interpreted by sophisticated computer software that provides a detailed spinal analysis – Ultralign’s diagnostic pre-scan. This shows the segments of the spine that are out of alignment.

The Sigma instrument virtually puts all the fears of manual treatment to rest. The Ultralign then utilizes a precise oscillating force with uninterrupted motion. The gentle adjustment uses the latest in low force adjusting technology and shows real-time computer feedback that the adjustment is restoring motion to the spine. The treatment is highly efficient and the computer automatically ends treatment the moment the tissues have responded. Ultralign’s post-scan computer results show the restoration of the spine and nervous system.

The Ultralign adjustment is performed in a seated position and treatment feels like gentle tapping or light pressure. No twisting, no popping sounds. Ultralign optimizes the communication pathways of the body to improve the health and wellness of patients. We see successful resolutions for many conditions:

Low back pain
Neck pain
Degenerating disks
Carpal tunnel
Frozen shoulder
Knee & ankle pain
Foot pain

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Ultralign is gentle and precise. All ages love this highly accurate type of adjustment. Sigma Ultralign is covered by most insurances and Medicare. Our office is always able to check your benefits. Give us a call today at (908) 928-1000.

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