IV Infusion Therapy
Boost immunity and performance

IV Infusions in Westfield, NJ

Feeling off and need to boost your health and performance?

Vitamin IV therapy allows for vitamins and minerals to safely and effectively enter the bloodstream directly. IV drips are customized for an individual’s needs and our nurse practitioner can recommend options for the results you are looking for.

IV Infusions are Effective

• Boost immunity
• Fight fatigue
• Helps with anti-aging
• Improves fitness and performance
• Helps defend against sickness
• Recover quicker

We are ready to help!

Our expert team offers a natural solution for optimal wellness. IV nutrient therapy is an option for most.  So make sure to call today and jump back into the activities you love (908) 928-1000. Download the IV Intake Form for your visit.

IV Therapy Menu

Medical Infusion (aka Myer’s Cocktail, the Gold Standard)
Delivers hydration, vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream to maximize your overall health and wellness. Since IV vitamin therapy bypasses your digestive system, it is also ideal for patients with malabsorption issues because of weight loss surgery, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease or pernicious anemia.

Energy Booster Infusion
Delivers extra B vitamins to increase your energy, improve your mood and help your body deal with stress. Since B vitamins also increase your metabolism, this booster is ideal for patients who want to maximize their weight loss efforts.

Immunity and Recovery Booster Infusion
Delivers extra Vitamin C to help your body prevent or fight a cold or flu, allergies or any illness. Since Vitamin C also helps your body heal faster, this booster is ideal for post-surgical patients.

Beauty Booster Infusion
Delivers age-busting antioxidants to protect your cells from harmful toxins. Since Vitamin C is needed for collagen production, this booster will help fight wrinkles and fine lines. Glutathione also helps to decrease blemishes and brightens your skin. This booster is ideal for patients who want to maximize their results from receiving Botox, fillers, Kybella or other facial rejuvenation services.

The Morning After Infusion
Did you overindulge last night? The Morning After Infusion delivers extra hydration, plus additional vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream along with medications for nausea and headaches to help you recover quickly from a hangover.

iVIP Discount Prices for our VIPs (Very Important Patients)
Inquire about package pricing for 5 or more IV infusions. 

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